How the Process Works

On this page you will find an overview of the infringement management process. The terminology used is taken from the Infringements Act 2006. A simple list of definitions is located on the Links & Definitions page.

Stages in the Process

The most important thing is to act now. Contact BTA and make arrangements to pay your infringement. Do not leave this matter unattended. If you don’t act in the timeframes stipulated in your letter additional fees and charges may be incurred.

Make a Payment

A range of options is available to make the payment of your infringement easy.

Cheque or Money Order

Credit Card by Telephone

Internet Payment

Other Payment Options

In some cases where an offender cannot pay immediately, payment by instalments or by an extension of time to pay can be arranged.

Submit a request for Extension of time to pay online

You need to correct inaccurate vehicle or driver details

The Infringement Notice will have been written in your name as the registered owner of the vehicle/trailer involved. In some cases, this information will be inaccurate because you have either sold the vehicle / trailer prior to the date of the infringement or, you were not the driver of the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Owner Onus Statements

We have provided for your use a range of commonly used Owner Onus Statements to cover these circumstances. More detailed information is provided on the Submit A Statement page. Load the relevant statement, ensure the details are complete then submit it online to BTA. You should note that completing a statement does not mean that you will not be required to pay your infringement amount. The agency that issued your infringement reserves the right to make a decision on this matter.

The information on your infringement is not accurate?

You can fax or write the correct information to BTA (see Contact Us) or use the Cotact Us facility of this website to provide your corrected information. More information is available on the Statements page for your use.

You can seek an Internal Review

In certain situations where you believe the infringement was incorrectly issued or where you believe there are circumstances which should be taken into account, you can request an internal review. An internal review must be requested in writing and address one of the stipulated categories. Go to the "Reviews" page for more detailed information.

If you do not pay within the stipulated timeframe

The most important thing is to keep in contact with BTA and discuss options available to you. If you chose not to act, you will receive additional correspondence explaining the next stage in the process. As the stages progress, additional charges may be incurred.

Court Processes

Should you fail to act or settle the matter in the notified time frame, the agency that issued your infringement may decide to prosecute for payment through the Courts. Your case would normally be heard in either the Infringements or Magistrates' Court. Bartels, Taylor & Associates Pty Ltd normally prosecutes offenders in the Magistrates’ Court. In the Magistrates' Court the Magistrate will make a ruling. A ruling that upholds the infringement offence will, in most cases, result in an order against you for the original infringement amount plus all the costs incurred during the process.