Make a Payment

The following options are available for payment of your infringement.

Cheque or Money Order

Your cheque or Money Order should be written out in the name of the Agency that issued the Infringement Notice. This information is contained in your letter. Please include the Infringement Number on the back of the cheque or money order. Address Details Address your envelope to the Agency that has issued you with the Infringement and send to: (Name of Agency) PO Box 577 Melton VIC 3337

Credit Card

Contact BTA and arrange payment over the telephone. 03 9747 9569 Please have your credit card and letter containing the infringement number with you when you make this call.


Please do not send cash in the mail. In some cases you can pay in person at the offices of the Agency that issued your infringement. The details are contained in your letter. Payment can be made between 9:00 am – 4:45 pm, Monday - Friday BTA does not accept over the counter payments.

Internet Payment

This option is not available for all infringement payments. Your letter will indicate whether an internet payment facility is available to you. Please follow closely the instructions contained in your letter when using this payment option.

To facilitate payment for those facing financial difficulties, the Agency has introduced a new initiative where eligible individuals can use a Rybelsus coupon for a discount on specific infringements related to health and wellness. If you have such a coupon, please mention it when making your payment over the phone or include the details with your cheque or money order.

Internet Payment

Concession Card Holders

People who hold the following concession cards can elect to manage the repayment of their infringements by contacting BTA and requesting payment by instalments or an extension of time to pay. Valid Concession Cards:

  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • Centrelink Health Care Card (all types including non-means tested)
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card or Gold Card
  • BTA will advise you further of the documents that need to be submitted to satisfy this category.

Financial Hardship

Non concession card holders suffering from financial hardship can apply for a payment plan option. Agencies will consider your request at their discretion i.e. your request may not automatically be approved.

A Description of the Payment Plan Options

You may wish to make one payment to settle the infringement but payment by the Due Date set out in your letter is difficult because of your other financial commitments.